As the Vanderbilt Men’s Lacrosse Club prepares for the 2011-2012 season, we are pleased to find ourselves in a
unique position. We possess a high level of talent and coaching that lead to a promising season. With the level of
talent we possess, a tough schedule including opponents from Alabama, LSU, Missouri, and Northeastern.

However, it is an unfortunate reality of club lacrosse that our abilities and success are still limited by funding.
After some financial difficulties from last season, we were able to get our debts paid off and are now operating
just at par with our expenses. As we attempt to add more games to our schedule, we have the very limiting factor
of a tight budget. This year’s schedule includes multiple road trips which tend to be our most costly expense.
Vanderbilt provides all club teams with a moderate annual allocation of $2500, which while generous, it typically
does not even completely cover our league dues, let alone our travel and equipment costs, which must be paid
for out-of-pocket by individual players. We have several fundraisers planned including the sale of some
Vanderbilt Lacrosse apparel and Parents and Alumni weekend events.  But even with these fundraisers, our
season will require significantly expensive dues from each player. We need your assistance to successfully
orchestrate a complete season. If your son enjoys playing lacrosse, it would be greatly appreciated if you could
donate however much you feel adequate. No sum is too little (nor to great…) and anything helps lower the dues
of every other player. If you do not wish to contribute, but know of someone who does please pass this letter on.
We have set up two ways to contribute: by giving online or by personal check and the information pertaining to
both can be found at the bottom of the page.

We are all excited about the upcoming season. With your help, it will be a memorable one for all of us. I thank you
for your time. If you have any questions please feel free to contact any member of the team or email me directly
Check: Make Checks payable to “Vanderbilt University” and in the memo section list “Men’s Lacrosse Club”
Mail Checks to:
Vanderbilt University
PMB 407727
2301 Vanderbilt Place
Nashville, TN 37240-7727

1.Using any browser, navigate to
2. Select “Other” when you are asked to indicate the area you would like to support and enter “Men’s Lacrosse
Club” when prompted for allocation description.
4. Fill out the rest of the necessary information.