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updates and to connect
with former Vanderbilt
Men's Lacrosse players!

In 1980, the usual rag tag Vandy Lax team won the Southeast Lacrosse League
Championship. It was an amazing team and year. Saturday April 17th you are invited
to celebrate that year, but the real excuse is to being the Lacrosse family from across
the classes, and ages back together again. My generation of teams has ever had a
reunion. Nashville is fabulous this time of year(and we won’t have exams in two
For those of you who played in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, Steve White was the
Captain, a major part of the program and one hell of a great guy. Steve died a couple
of years ago and we are hosting this reunion in his memory. Steve was always about
getting people together and would love that we are using him as an excuse.

In addition to this e-mail, there will be a save the date card being sent out via snail

There are five things we need for you to do;

1) Save the Date
2) Find your team mates/class mates who played with you and get them on this list
3) Are you up for playing in an alumni game?
4) Do you just want to come to see old friends, watch the current team play and have
an adult beverage?
5) If you have no interest in Vanderbilt Lacrosse and want to get dropped from any
future e-mail just let us know.

If not get on the phone, e-mail and find the people. We are putting the band back

VU Lacrosse 79,80,81