The new “Friends of Vanderbilt Men’s Lacrosse” is designed to be a
casual and friendly collection of parents, students, administrators,
coaches,  alumni, family and friends of current and former Vanderbilt
student lacrosse players.  
The Vanderbilt Men’s Lacrosse Club has a long history of supporting
college men in their desire to play competitive travel lacrosse without the
commitment at a varsity level.  The Club was a begun in the 1960s and
was a founding member of the Southeastern Lacrosse Conference
Today, Vanderbilt Men’s Lacrosse Club plays teams of the SELC and
the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).  The team typically plays two
tournaments in the fall; in the spring, the team typically plays 11 games,
which may include 6 or 7 AWAY games.  The team travels to a half
dozen states - from Florida to Indiana – to give the athletes the
opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of team sport and the
competitiveness of conference play.   
The Friends of Vanderbilt Men’s Lacrosse is committed to maintaining
the quality of the Vanderbilt lacrosse program by contributing to the
overall costs of the team.  Fees charged to players and the financial
support from Vanderbilt University do not cover the overall costs of the
program.  The Friends of Vanderbilt Men’s Lacrosse is designed to
ensure the viability of the program through fundraising events and
outreach to the community.  
Thank you for your interest in the Friends of Vanderbilt Men’s Lacrosse.  
Your contribution is needed and is greatly appreciated.
Make Checks payable to “Vanderbilt University” and in the memo section
list “Men’s Lacrosse Club”
Mail Checks to:
Vanderbilt University
PMB 407727
2301 Vanderbilt Place
Nashville, TN 37240-7727

1.Using any browser, navigate to
2. Select “Other” when you are asked to indicate the area you would like
to support and enter “Men’s Lacrosse Club” when prompted for
allocation description.
3. Fill out the rest of the necessary information.
Thank you again for your support.  Go Commodores! Go Vandy Lax!
Friends of
Vanderbilt Men's